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Brand Language: Tone of Voice the Wordtree Way. Second Edition.


Product Description

The way you use words gives everyone around you subtle, but clear clues about the kind of person you are and what you're going to be like to deal with. And it's exactly the same for businesses and brands. If you don't communicate in a consistent way, you're making it much harder for customers to form a relationship with your organisation. 

This textbook has been created by specialist brand language consultancy Wordtree. It helps you to create a style of communicating that expresses what your organisation is really all about. It's based on their years of experience developing brand language for some of the world's largest brands. 

This textbook takes you through the Wordtree process for creating brand language and using it in everything from the most serious communications, through to marketing and sales. Whether you're a business start-up, or running a marketing department of several hundred people, you'll find a tried and tested method of getting the tone of your written and spoken communications right in every circumstance.

Other Details

Liz Doig
Wordtree & Me Ltd
4 April 2014